NEW Nordic Collagen Shot 15 Sachets

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Collagen Shot

  • One a day beauty liquid collagen in a ready to drink sachet

  • Delicious berry flavour

Collagen Shot is a premium liquid collagen sachet, pre-mixed and easy to take with a natural berry flavour, formulated in the perfect dose and designed to fit effortlessly into your everyday beauty routine.

Collagen Shot contains premium hydrolysed freshwater marine collagen combined with cherry coffee extract which contains abundant flavonoids and polyphenols, vitamin C which aids with normal collagen formation and helps maintain your body’s own production of collagen. For exceptional results combine with New Nordic collagen range in a complete Beauty In and Out routine. A quality that works in harmony with your body.
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NEW Nordic Collagen Shot 15 Sachets

NEW Nordic Collagen Shot 15 Sachets


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