Dublin Herbalists Refreshing Facial Toner

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Description: Refreshing Facial Toner with cucumber extract and d-panthenol.Dublin HerbalistsRefreshing Facial Toner lifts, tones and brightens the skin. This uplifting toner uses natural waters such as rose and witch hazel to tone your skin. Chamomile water, cucumber extract and d-panthenol lift and brighten, maintaining your skin’s delicate PH balance. This toner is suitable for all skin types.

Size: 100ml

Suitable for all skin types and is a vegan product.

Shield precious pores while toning and brightening up tired or weary skin. Our own unique blend of floral waters including Rose and Witch Hazel are delicately blended with gentle Chamomile water, Cucumber Extract and D-Panthenol that work together to boost your skin while maintaining your skin’s delicate pH balance.

Simply: use after cleansing, apply directly to clean, dry skin using a cotton pad. Allow absorbing completely before moisturising.
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Dublin Herbalists Refreshing Facial Toner

Dublin Herbalists Refreshing Facial Toner


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