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PedamedCream 30G

PedamedCream 30G


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Pedamed 100mg/g Cream is indicated for the prevention of athlete’s foot and other fungal skin infections, for the elimination of foot odours and provides an antiperspirant effect.
Prevention of Athlete’s Foot
Prevention of Fungal Skin Infections
Eliminates Foot Odours

If Pedamed Cream has been prescribed for you by your doctor, follow any instructions he/she may have given you. If you purchased this product without a prescription, follow these directions closely:

• Pedamed Cream is for use on the skin only.

• Do not get Pedamed Cream in your eyes, nose or mouth. If you get this medicine in your eyes, nose or mouth, rinse immediately with cool tap water.

• Wash and dry your hands before and after using this medicine.

• Clean and dry the affected area.

• Apply a thin layer of Pedamed Cream over the affected area twice daily and rub the cream in gently. For athlete’s foot apply the cream in between the toes as well.

• Keep using Pedamed Cream for at least one week after all signs of infection have gone.

• For the best results, Pedamed Cream should be used together with an antifungal powder such as Pedamed 100mg/g Cutaneous Powder.

• To stop any reoccurrence of the infection, use regularly after showering and bathing.



At Backhouse Pharmacy we are concerned for your welfare. If you find the need to use this product on a regular basis, please contact us or speak to your Doctor. As this product is not recommended for continued use, we have to limit the quantity we are allowed to supply.

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