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Norvia Menopause Ice Vanilla Sachets

Norvia Menopause Ice Vanilla Sachets


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Produced in Ireland, NORVIA® Menopause plant-based powdered nutritional shakes are suitable for peri-menopause, menopause and post-menopause. Designed with active and demanding lifestyles in mind NORVIA® Menopause is a rich source of plant-based protein, phospholipids, and fibre, plus B Vitamins, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K, Magnesium, Calcium and Soy Isoflavones. This unique formulation supports Hormone Balance, Bone and Muscle Health, Cardio Care, Energy, Immunity, Psychological Function and the Nervous System.

  • Vitamin B6 contributes to the regulation of hormonal activity
  • Vitamin B12 and B6 contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and normal psychological function
  • Vitamin B1 contributes to the normal function of the heart and nervous system
  • Calcium contributes to normal blood clotting and normal muscle function
  • Magnesium contributes to normal psychological function and normal muscle function
  • Vitamin D contributes to normal bonesand the normal function ofthe immune system
  • Vitamin B6, B1 and Magnesium contribute to normal energy yielding metabolism.

NORVIA® Menopause  is Dairy-Free, Gluten-Free, Yeast-Free, Gelatin-Free, contains no artificial colours of preservatives, No MSG’s, is Non-GMO, and suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians.


Delicious Ice Vanilla Flavour. Each pack contains 28 x 15g single portion, one a day sachets. Ideal for those who cannot or prefer not to take tablets or capsules.




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