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MenoSerene Multivitamin & Botanical

MenoSerene Multivitamin & Botanical


Key features
  • Powerful multivitamin and botanical complex for menopausal women
  • Unique dual tablet formula with one multivitamin and one botanical tablet
  • Providing calcium, magnesium and vitamin D alongside soy, sage and flaxseed
  • Supports healthy bones, energy levels and overall wellbeing

What is MenoSerene Multivitamin & Botanical?

A unique dual tablet formula, specifically developed for women, to provide nutritional support during and after the menopause. One pink multivitamin, with the likes of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D, the vitamin B family and many more, in addition to one brown botanical tablet, containing flax, sage and soy extracts.Our MenoSerene range consists of 5 products that target 5 of the most common concerns that women can experience during and after the menopause

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