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Inner Balance Uplift & Energise 6 Piece Gift Set

Inner Balance Uplift & Energise 6 Piece Gift Set


4 Sachets of Bath Salts, Temple Balm, Room Mist –

Enhance your wellbeing and reboot with this lovely uplift & energise gift set.

We all run out of steam now and again when the fast pace of life gets the better of us.

Thankfully, this delightful set works as a quick pick-me-up and gives you a much needed boost so you can get back on track with added gusto.

a room mist, pulse point balm and bath salts, all made with uplifting essential oils to give you a boost when you most need it.

Aroma Home’s uplift & energise gift set is just the thing to perk you up in the most relaxing way possible.


  • Set of 4 x 50g bath salts: positive energy (bergamot, lime and ginseng), cleanse (eucalyptus), mood boost (rose petals) and uplift (lemongrass)
  • Motivating pulse point balm (20g) scented with bergamot, lime and ginseng: this handy little pulse point balm is perfect for popping in your bag or pocket so you can enjoy a moment of positivity on the go. Simply massage into your pulse points and enjoy the uplifting benefits of the essential oils.
  • Positive energy room mist (105ml) – If you’re struggling to hop out of bed in the morning, keep this on the bedside table, and a little spritz will help you greet the day with a spring in your step. Perfect for an early morning or mid-afternoon pick me up, citrusy bergamot will help you de-stress, while zingy lime and fatigue-busting ginseng will help you feel more energised.

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