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Inner Balance Relax & Recharge 3 Piece Gift Set

Inner Balance Relax & Recharge 3 Piece Gift Set


Enhance your wellbeing and take time out with this lovely relax & recharge gift set.

Everyone needs a bit of ‘me’ time now and then – when you switch off your phone, forget your to-do list and lose yourself in doing absolutely nothing except focus on enjoying some positive energy.

If you didn’t already have a reason to, Aroma Home’s relax & recharge gift set is just the thing to help you do just that:


  • Relaxing eye mask
  • Lavender scented temple balm
  • Scented room mist, to help you switch off and unwind

Relax & unwind mist comes in a recyclable glass bottle and contains lavender & chamomile essential oils, which are known to soothe, calm, alleviate stress and anxiety, when you need peace and tranquillity during the day or in the evening to help you totally wind down and enjoy restful sleep.


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