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Inis Trio Gift Set

Inis Trio Gift Set


The Inis Trio Gift Set features some of our favourite Inis products. Full of nutrient rich seaweed extracts and sea minerals, this luxurious set rejuvenates and provides deep, lasting hydration and amazing scent.

Moreover the gorgeous cream and gel is packed full of shea butter, coconut oil and aloe vera which will leave skin silky smooth. While vitamin and antioxidant-rich argan and evening primrose oils help keep skin supple and conditioned. We love it and your body will love it too!

This trio gift set gives you all the usual Inis ocean-fresh scent whilst simultaneously making your skin look and feel healthier than ever before.

Inspired by the beauty and energy of the western coast of Ireland (Dog’s Bay, Connemara). The crystalline scent of Inis (the word means ‘island’ in Irish) invigorates and brings a feeling of happiness.

A truly fresh, clean and invigorating unisex cream available in this Inis Tri Gift Set

Set Includes:

85ml Body Lotion

85ml Shower Gel

15ml Travel Cologne

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